Dr. Erlikhman

Thanks for visiting my blog!

My path in medicine started after I completed my Bachelor degree in Chemistry and Biology from Rutgers University with High Honors and for the next 4 years worked as a principal research developer at National Starch Company. There, my group was researching different ways to add healthy ingredients into a number of products. My peaking interest in nutrition sparked my desire to persuade my career in medicine.

After a while, I received my medical degree from New York Medical College and while there, my son was born. As my son was growing up, I realized I enjoyed being with children and decided to continue my professional career as a pediatrician. After completion of my pediatric Residency at Bristol-Myers Squibb Children Hospital, I worked for a year as an ER physician at Overlook Hospital and then transitioned to private setting. After working with private practices in East Brunswick, Highland Park and Bernardsville, I decided to open my own in Martinsville.

I enjoy all expects of general pediatrics, especially interactions with children and their parents and strongly believe that success in patient care comes from physician’s knowledge of their patients’ full medical history and formation of trusting relationship with caregivers. In my spare time I enjoy spending my time with my two children (Tahlia and Jonathan), my husband and our dog (Pudding). I love traveling and skiing. I am fluent in both English and Russian.

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